So what do you think of our new look for Dance for Parkinson’s SA?? 

A lot has been happening! We were invited to do a talk/demo at the UJW (Union of Jewish Woman) in March at their stunning establishment in Seapoint.

A super turn out and some new people have since joined our Cape Town classes!

Our classes are up and running: Mondays in Pinelands at the Presbyterian Church at 10am and Tuesdays in Gardens at the Holy Trinity Church at 10am. We have really interesting participants, Engineers, Professors, marathon runners, people that speak 5 languages, and more. Our special tea and snack time after class is always great, we get to share bits of our lives with each other. I have certainly learnt so much, about life, about cultures and about how we take life sometimes too seriously and to watch the interaction between the group is heart warming. 

Let me tell you a bit about Carmen, my teaching assistant. Well, many moons ago we both lived in East London. She is a few years older than me. We both danced at the Geraldine Cross School of Ballet. She was an idol of mine, the long skinny one on pointe shoes! She was Cinderella in one of our ballet productions- I was a horse! Well, for one Eisteddfod in the 80’s, she helped coach me in a Jester dance. Fast forward to 2015. I had been in Somerset West for the last 25 years, leaving East London and of course the ballet school behind. I had made contact with Dance for PD in New York and David Leventhal( Program Director) sent me an email, saying he had also been contacted by a woman in South Africa, Carmen Davidson. Did I know her? As we were the only two to have enquired about the PD Dance program. Well, can you believe it, over so many years and miles apart- here we were reconnected through our mutual interest in Dance for PD!

We Facebooked each other a few times to touch base and kind of just moved on, being in two different provinces etc. Well, come December 2016, Carmen sent me a message to say one of her East London ballet pupils was relocating to Somerset West and they would contact me about joining my ballet studio. When the mom contacted me, she also mentioned that Carmen had sold the East London ballet school and was moving to Cape Town!

I made immediate contact and as of January this year, we were ‘reunited’! Carmen and I now teach the Dance for Parkinson’s classes together! Isn’t that just amazing. The love of ballet was at the start of our journey, and now the love of Dance for PD has carried us further on in this journey!

We have some exciting things lined up for this year…perhaps you will see us on Television soon…I will confirm this when the deal has been sealed….stay well and keep moving!