We welcome all students from 3 years of age and upwards. We encourage the love of dance, music and movement. Whether doing ballet for fun or taking it more seriously, there is a class to suit the needs of every dancer within the genre of classical ballet training. We ensure that each dancer walks out of the studio with a sense of achievement, happy and excited to come back to the next class! When there is a passion for something, it is a gift that should be nurtured and encouraged.

We have a passion for music and props, leaps and laughter. I love teaching, and I believe every dancer in my studio must walk out of each class feeling that they have achieved something, that they are more confident than when they walked in, and even if they have two left feet, that they can’t wait to return. — But most importantly, that they are loved!
— Julie Symmonds
Ursula Bartolini
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Studio Times *
Open: Monday — Thursday
Closed: Friday/Saturday/Sunday

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Classes Offered

Ballet classes take place at the Playhouse Theatre on Lourensford Road, Somerset West.
The ages used below are guidelines only.


Baby Ballerinas — 3 and 4 year olds

These classes are designed to introduce the children to the language of movement through music. Using fantasy, props, and age appropriate exercises, the children are introduced to creative movement, which encourages self-awareness and builds confidence in fun, yet structured classes.


Little Dancers — 5 and 6 year olds (TDA Additional Grade/ Pre Classical)

Here the dancers are introduced to the basics of classical ballet.
Classical ballet exercises including balancing, galloping, ballet runs, skipping, jumping, swaying and stretching, help develope gross motor skills. Children get to release energy through positive physical activity whilst increasing body awareness, control, balance and co-ordination.


Junior Ballet Dancers — 7 to 11 year olds ( TDA Classical 1 & 2 )

The technical training received during ballet classes is the basis of all other dance movement.
Ballet training is essential to successfully adapting to all other dance styles. Through ballet, dancers develop grace, poise, posture and an appreciation for music. A greater emphasis is placed on classical technique through the class barre and centre work. Working with partners and in groups continues through-out this phase. This allows the pupils to explore their creative side with the use of different music genres and props.

Senior Ballet Dancers — 12 years old and older (TDA Classical 3/4/5/6)

This level of training encourages the students to become more aware of how their body functions, and performs, within the art of ballet.

Emphasis is placed on honing dance skills and the proper execution of ballet steps. Improved alignment of the body, arm and leg co-ordination, leg rotation, and core strength of the torso, are continuously assessed and nurtured.

The studio offers the students an opportunity to experience stage work, Eisteddfods and ballet exams. Parents are encouraged to attend the Demonstration Days, which are offered once a term, where they can watch their children enjoying and performing their class work.

Turning Steps Studio is a member of the TDA (Theatre Dance Association) and follows the TDA ballet syllabus for exam purposes, augmenting the classes with exercises from the Royal Academy of Dance and Cecchetti Syllabi as well as Ursula and Julie’s Creative exercises that they have developed over the last decade.

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